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Best Ways to Quit Smoking

This expression, or variants of it, is to be found widely on the internet. But the very expression ‘best ways to quit smoking’ is odd.

There’s only one way to quit smoking: just do it! Why should you need a way, method, technique, or ‘tool’ to help you stop doing something? (It’s true that my approach is called the Symonds Method of quitting smoking, but this is just for convenience in the use of words.)

Yet so many ‘ways’ to stop poisoning yourself with tobacco smoke are being promoted as the best, or one of the best.

I take a satirical look as some of these, including stop-smoking clinics, laser therapy, a coconut oil scam, an  ingredient-free wonder called Harmless Cigarette, and last and very much least, e-cigarettes. To encourage e-cigarette use as a means of stopping smoking – as the UK ‘tobacco control’ movement enthusiastically does – is misleading and irresponsible.

Is Allen Carr’s ‘Easyway to Stop Smoking’ Really Easy?

In a previous blog about Allen Carr I critiqued his Easyway To Stop Smoking book and looked at the claimed success rate of his stop-smoking seminars. Today I’ll tell you more about these seminars. Some time ago I had the opportunity of observing an Allen Carr ‘Easyway To Stop Smoking’ group session in London. There […]

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How to Keep Smoking

On opening the cover of the august organ Tobacco Control of November 2015, I was confronted with what at first glance looked like an ad for a packet of washing powder. Closer inspection, however, revealed it’s an illiterate puff for ‘extra strength gum for enhanced craving relief’. In other words, it’s for chewing gum containing 6mg of […]

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