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Nicotine Addiction

Most smokers refuse to acknowlege the real reason they cannot quit smoking, it’s their addiction to Nicotine. Nicotine patches and gum are popular remedies, but only service to transfer smokers’ nicotine addiction from one form to another form.

Addiction Sticks and Tobacco Control Vaccine

The March 2018 edition of the highly esteemed journal, Tobacco Control, contains interesting examples of infelicitous writing, to say nothing of wrong-headed ideas: addiction sticks and tobacco control vaccine. As part of an attack on Philip Morris International’s cynical and false claim, ‘We’re trying to give up cigarettes’, it’s gratifying that the editor, Professor Ruth […]

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Feeding Nicotine Addiction With E-Cigarettes

Under the guise of protecting public health, the pro-vaping lobby gets into some curious twists and turns. For example, there is an official-looking 2017 paper, Reshaping American Tobacco Policy. It is written by three people, one of whom, Clive Bates, oddly designates himself as ‘Director, Counterfactual’ (sic), evidently being unaware of what counterfactual means: pertaining […]

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Juul – the Safer Way to Poison Yourself with Nicotine

Or so the makers of the latest e-cigarette gadget would have us believe. At least you can pronounce the name of this drug delivery device, sort of: Juul. What a clever name, suggestive of the jewel in the crown no doubt. All right, Dr Symonds, that’s enough cynicism. What is Juul (however you pronounce it) […]

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Promotion of E-Cigarettes: Misleading and Irresponsible

An organisation called Yorkshire Cancer Research has put out a video entitled Vape to Quit. This video, though well meant, shows everything that’s wrong with the current approach to quitting smoking. I’ll transcribe some of the speech and add my comments. Why do you need a ‘way’ to stop doing something? ‘There’s (sic) various ways […]

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Just One Cigarette…

Persons who deliberately inhale cigarette smoke into their lungs are known as smokers and those who use e-cigarettes are called vapers. But what about people who obtain their regular supply of nicotine from skin patches or chewing gum? Should we call them patchers and chewers, respectively? I propose, in order to simplify the terminology as […]

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Smoking Trouble at North East

Thanks to the online Metro Radio publication (2 January 2018), we learn that in the NHS’s North East region of England, over 38,000 patients are admitted to hospitals every year as a result of smoking-related illnesses. Riding to the rescue of this deplorable situation is Dr Robert Allcock, a respiratory consultant at the Queen Elizabeth […]

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The Great E-Cigarette Confusion

Is  smoking a mental illness? The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) would seem to think so, since it has plunged into the debate about e-cigarettes. It takes a wonderfully fence-sitting position in its July 2017 submission to the ‘Inquiry into the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporisers in […]

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More Big Tobacco Hypocrisy

Laughing all the way to the bank Philip Morris International (PMI) claim their new ‘heat-not-burn’ tobacco product that goes under the name of IQOS isn’t an e-cigarette. They say this because e-cigarettes are prohibited in Thailand. The Managing Director of the Thailand division of PMI, Mr Gerald Margolis (pictured), argues that their new product ‘is […]

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The Hard Way to Quit Smoking

I have written before about the American Cancer Society’s efforts to scare people into quitting smoking (29 April 2016 This august organisation appears again in connection with the so-called Great American Smokeout, an annual event in November. It’s worth looking at the current offering in a little more detail. There’s a film titled: ‘Smoking […]

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FDA Monkey Nicotine Experiments: Cruel, Unnecessary, Shameful

Jane Goodall and friend The words in the title were used by Dr Jane Goodall, the distinguished primatologist and animal welfare campaigner, in a letter to the FDA Commissioner, Dr Scott Gottlieb, protesting about nicotine addiction experiments on monkeys. This is an extract: I was disturbed — and quite honestly shocked — to learn that […]

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Parliamentary Enquiry Into E-Cigarettes

A headline in today’s online BBC news (so it must be true) announces ‘E-cigarettes: Cross-party group of MPs launches inquiry’. The main point of this exercise is to try and fill the ‘significant gaps’ in what is known about e-cigarettes including how effective they are as a stop-smoking tool and how they are (or should […]

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