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Cruel Animal Experiments in Smoking and Addiction Research

As if there is not enough information to be gained from studying the countless human victims of smoking and nicotine addiction, Philip Morris has resorted to torturing animals as part of their application to the FDA to market their IQOS device.

The FDA is no better: to try to find the answers to some academic questions about nicotine addiction in humans, they undertook cruel, unnecessary experiments in which monkeys were injected with nicotine – until they were stopped by Jane Goodall.

In the 1970s there was an outcry when Beagle dogs were used in smoking research. Now it’s the turn of rats to be forced to breath cigarette smoke.

Shamefully, Philip Morris does these experiments on defenceless animals to find a new way, acceptable to the FDA, of keeping people hooked on nicotine – and their profits healthy to make up for the decline in cigarette sales.

FDA Monkey Nicotine Experiments: Cruel, Unnecessary, Shameful

Jane Goodall and friend The words in the title were used by Dr Jane Goodall, the distinguished primatologist and animal welfare campaigner, in a letter to the FDA Commissioner, Dr Scott Gottlieb, protesting about nicotine addiction experiments on monkeys. This is an extract: I was disturbed — and quite honestly shocked — to learn that […]

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Philip Morris Tortures Animals

Yesterday Today The tobacco giant, Philip Morris International (PMI), has applied to the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to market what they call ‘modified risk tobacco products’ (MRTP), in particular, their heated tobacco contraption with the unpronounceable name of IQOS, or iQOS. They start by putting their cards on the table: ‘PMI recognizes that […]

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