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Dr. Gabriel Symonds

Dr Gabriel Symonds is a British medical doctor. He qualified from the University of London and after post-graduate training worked in general practice in the UK for fifteen years. He then emigrated to Japan where he gained a medical licence and in 1992 established the Tokyo British Clinic. This offered comprehensive medical services to the foreign community, including smoking cessation and psychotherapy (counselling). He retired from full-time practice in 2014 but still lives in Tokyo.

A smoker during his early student years, he had a shock when he was taken round the men's chest ward at St Bartholomew’s Hospital where he trained. As a result of this experience he gave up smoking forthwith – from pure fear of the consequences.

For most smokers, however, fear is not very effective for quitting – but there is a much easier way that Dr Symonds gradually developed by working with his many smoker patients. The method – which uses no nicotine, drugs, hypnosis or gimmicks of any kind – is easy and quick to learn.

Dr Symonds has written three books on smoking. The latest (2018), How to quit smoking with the Symonds Method, is a dedicated how-to-do-it book that should enable any smoker to quit easily merely by working through it. He is also available for stop-smoking sessions by Skype or in person if you are able to visit his office.

He also writes about smoking and other health-related issues at the Nicotine Monkey Blog.

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