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Dr Symonds has written three books on smoking and one on vaping. His Stop Smoking with the Symonds Method contains much interesting information and include​s a workbook which is easy to follow. It is intended to help you gain the understanding you need to quit smoking straightaway.​

"Stop Smoking: Real Help At Last" by Dr Gabriel Symonds
Stop Smoking Symonds Method Book

Private Sessions

Dr Symonds’s unique method is available via Skype or FaceTime, or in person if you can visit him in Tokyo. The sessions are interactive and tailored to the situation and needs of the individual smoker – it’s not a lecture. And there are no horrible pictures! This is the best way to quit smoking without a struggle.

Smoking Cessation Private Session with Gabriel Symonds

Become a non-smoker again!

Find out how to return to this happy state easily

You may have heard of heavy smokers who one day decided they didn’t want to smoke anymore. It’s as if a switch had flipped in their brain and they quit without the slightest difficulty or regret.

If you want to quit smoking you too can find out how to ‘flip the switch’ easily.

Many smokers I’ve helped to quit smoking successfully have said to me, ‘Why didn’t I see it like that before?’   

It’s a matter of being helped to demonstrate to yourself  two things:

​1) Why you ​really ​smoke, instead of why you think you       smoke, and ​​​

2) Why quitting seems so hard.

Then very likely you'll be able to quit without a struggle.

Stubbed Out Cigarette Butt

If you’re a smoker, please answer this question:

     Do you want to stop smoking?

The answer, very likely, is ‘Yes’.

You want to stop for the obvious reasons: health concerns, waste of money, etc.

Now please answer this question – honestly:

     Do you really want to stop smoking?

Your answer, probably, is no or not yet.

This is because, however much you may think you want to stop, the idea of never smoking again for many smokers is almost intolerable. You have a fear of not smoking greater than the fear of continuing to smoke that’s drummed into you by the horrible pictures and health warnings on cigarette packs and elsewhere.

There’s also a reason for this illogical situation. But if you understand it – very simple! – then​ you'll find quitting can be much easier than you think.

Dr. Gabriel Symonds

Dr Gabriel Symonds

But even that prospect can be an obstacle to quitting. One of my patients put it like this:

"Thank you very much for the offer, Dr Symonds, but I’m not going to come for your stop smoking session because I’m afraid that if I did, I would succeed." (!)

Nonetheless, nearly all other quit smoking methods overlook this fear or try to help you deal with it through common sense and logic.

If these worked, no one would smoke.

I do not recommend the
conventional ways to quit smoking

These emphasise potential difficulties, are inherently discouraging, and have only a 16 to 20 per cent success rate.

They usually comprise the following complicated and time-consuming steps:

  • Set a quit date, have a plan how you will deal with the dreaded ‘cravings’, whatever these are​, that you will suffer and work out how to avoid ‘triggers’ to smoke.
  • If a craving comes on, try deep breathing, drinking a glass of water, or somehow distract yourself.
  • See your doctor or pharmacist to get nicotine patches or chewing gum to treat your nicotine addiction. Or try prescription drugs. Or nicotine products and prescription drugs.
  • E-cigarettes: don’t be misled about these as a way of stopping smoking. They're merely an alternative way of continuing your nicotine addiction, probably indefinitely. Are they safe? Only time will tell. Even if they're much safer than smoking, do you really want to be addicted to nicotine for years on end?

You’re almost defeated before you start.

Why should you have to do this to yourself?

Nicotine Patches for Nicotine Addicts

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine Gum

Vaping Nicotine Addict


Why the Symonds Method is a better way

Nicotine Monkey Main Image

​The Symonds Method can show you how​ to get the Nicotine Monkey off your back once and for all

As a practising doctor I have successfully helped hundreds of smokers to quit with a unique interactive method I have developed over twenty years.

I do NOT use

  • Nicotine patches or gum
  • E-cigarettes
  • Prescription drugs
  • Twelve-steps or group therapy
  • Hypnosis or acupuncture
  • Supplements, magnets in your ears, laser treatment, or other gimmicks
  • Horrible pictures and scare tactics
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy, going on a ‘quitting journey’, or similar complicated regimens

Instead, I can help you to demonstrate to yourself

  • The real reason you smoke, and
  • Why quitting seems so hard

It will then become clear why so many people have difficulty in quitting: it's largely due to misinformation and mistaken beliefs about smoking.

After an interactive discussion in a helpful, non-judgemental atmosphere, you will find there should be no difficulty in stopping something you don't want to do anymore!

With this understanding and the right kind of support it's easy to quit smoking straightaway – click the link below 

Smoking Myths

Is what you've heard the same as reality?

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