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Is it possible to quit smoking? Yes, but you have to go about it in the right way.

Smoking and Shame

Does the Symonds Method make smokers feel ashamed? Smokers, if they’re honest with themselves, are already ashamed by their apparent inability to stop poisoning themselves with tobacco fumes – a great misfortune. I recently received a message from a smoker in Australia that was rather critical of my approach to helping smokers become non-smokers again. […]

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A Complicated Way to Quit Smoking

In California there’s an organisation with the amusing name of ‘Ash Kickers’. It’s a six-session programme intended to cure you of smoking. Sounds interesting, but six sessions? And how do they do it? It’s based on the ‘trans-theoretical model of behaviour modification’. Pardon? They explain: [This] helps smokers travel through the various stages of quitting […]

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It Hit Me Like a Wall of Bricks

There are, it must be admitted, websites other than mine that claim to be able to cure smokers without nicotine, drugs, or willpower. What these sites offer are techniques. Now don’t get me wrong. If smokers after working their way through a ten-day course to learn how to replace the word ‘cigarette’ in their minds […]

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