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Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

What kinds of smoking withdrawal symptoms can smokers feel after they quit smoking? What is the degree of these quit smoking symptoms? It it intense enough that it force otherwise rational people to go back to smoking?

I explore these questions and many others in the articles below.

Let me set the record straight.

  • There is no such thing as the tobacco withdrawal syndrome.
  • The real reason smoking seems hard to stop is because of nicotine addiction.
  • The quoted withdrawal symptoms in many publications are nearly all grossly exaggerated or untrue.
  • Emphasis on the difficulties of quitting and awful withdrawals symptoms is discouraging, pointless and counter-productive.

Smoking and Shame

Does the Symonds Method make smokers feel ashamed? Smokers, if they’re honest with themselves, are already ashamed by their apparent inability to stop poisoning themselves with tobacco fumes – a great misfortune. I recently received a message from a smoker in Australia that was rather critical of my approach to helping smokers become non-smokers again. […]

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Why Doctors Should Quit Being Involved in Smoking Cessation

As part of my continuing efforts to keep up to date in the practice of medicine I subscribe to a generally very good online publication from America called, appropriately enough, UpToDate®. They send bi-weekly reminders of the latest research, and in today’s issue a section on  e-cigarettes caught my eye. In America they are, rightly […]

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How Not to Stop Smoking – Part II

What does the US National Cancer Institute have to say about stopping smoking? On their website there’s a long section titled ‘How To Handle Withdrawal Symptoms and Triggers When You Decide To Quit Smoking’. This implies that you may indeed suffer such symptoms and that ‘triggers’ are also something you will need to be aware […]

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How to Keep Smoking

On opening the cover of the august organ Tobacco Control of November 2015, I was confronted with what at first glance looked like an ad for a packet of washing powder. Closer inspection, however, revealed it’s an illiterate puff for ‘extra strength gum for enhanced craving relief’. In other words, it’s for chewing gum containing 6mg of […]

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