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Messing up your Brain

It has long been suspected that regular use of cannabis (marijuana), especially the high potency variant called ‘skunk’, can increase the risk of psychosis in vulnerable people. And now Sir Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research at King’s College London, rightly says ‘It’s not sensible to wait for absolute proof that cannabis is a component […]

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Mental Illnesses are Brain Diseases – or are they?

There was a recent programme on the BBC consisting of sound bites about the latest so-called breakthrough in trying to understand mental illness – a field of medicine in which understanding is sorely lacking: It’s pretty radical – that we can develop new treatment options that work through the immune system…It is ground-breaking…demonstrating that depression […]

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Medicine and manners

I believe inter-collegial courtesy is of the highest importance in medical practice. If it is not observed it may have unfortunate consequences for the patient, as well as for the professionals involved. ‘Unfortunate’ is putting it mildly – it could have been fatal in the case I shall relate. Some years ago a patient came […]

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