Stop Smoking: Real Help at Last

Most smoking cessation methods emphasise how difficult it is to stop, list the awful withdrawal symptoms you are likely to suffer and warn you of the risks of cancer and heart disease. They then usually recommend the hindrance of ‘nicotine replacement therapy’ (really nicotine maintenance) or drugs. You’re defeated before you start.

In contrast, based on a doctor’s actual experience of successfully treating hundreds of smokers, this book shows it’s easy to stop if you know how. You will find out why you really smoke, and once you understood that, you won’t want to do it any more. It’s explained why nicotine products or drugs should not be used, there are no horrible pictures and will-power is not required.

Dr Symonds quotes from government reports, learned medical papers and press citations to demonstrate the lack of understanding of smoking by many so-called experts – and to show how Big Tobacco, with the tacit collusion of governments, cynically continues to market a product which sickens and kills millions of people.

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Gabriel Symonds

Dr Gabriel Symonds is a British medical doctor living in Japan who has developed a unique interactive stop smoking method. It involves no nicotine, drugs, hypnosis, or gimmicks but consists in helping smokers to demonstrate to themselves why they really smoke and why it seems so hard to stop doing it. Then most people find they can quit straightaway and without a struggle. He has used this approach successfully with hundreds of smokers; it works equally well for vapers. Dr Symonds also writes about transgenderism and other controversial medical matters. See

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