Smoking Myths

Do you know what it takes to quit smoking?

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Myth #1: There are as many reasons for smoking as there are smokers

Reality: Virtually all smokers smoke for the same one reason: addiction to the poison nicotine

Myth #2: Once you have been a smoker, you can never become a non-smoker again; you can only become an ex-smoker

Reality: If you understand The Symonds Method it’s easy to achieve the happy state where you can and should think of yourself as person who doesn’t smoke

Myth #3: Smoking irrevocably changes your brain

Reality: It doesn’t

Myth #4:
Stopping smoking is very difficult and requires lots of will-power

Reality: Many smokers want to believe this as an excuse for failing to stop. If you understand The Symonds Method, you can stop without difficulty – and you won’t need willpower

Myth #5: The best way to quit smoking is to use some kind of ‘product’, such as medicinal nicotine, e-cigarettes or prescription drugs.

Reality: These approaches are unnecessary and have a low success rate. It’s easy to get be free of nicotine in any form if you understand how the addiction works.

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