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"Stop Smoking: Real Help At Last" by Dr Gabriel Symonds

​Stop Smoking: Real Help at Last

Most smoking cessation methods emphasise how difficult it is to stop, list the awful withdrawal symptoms you are likely to suffer and warn you of the risks of cancer and heart disease. They then usually recommend the hindrance of nicotine replacement therapy (really nicotine maintenance) or drugs. You’re defeated before you start.

In contrast, based on a doctor’s actual experience of successfully treating hundreds of smokers, this book shows it’s easy to stop if you know how. You will find out why you really smoke, and once you understand that, you won’t want to do it anymore! It’s explained why nicotine products or drugs should not be used, there are no horrible pictures and willpower is not required.

Smoking is a Psychological Problem

In spite of knowing the risks, why do smokers keep smoking? They feel compelled to do it because of mild anxiety and nervousness - produced by the smoking itself. The long lists of awful withdrawal symptoms trotted out by orthodox smoking-cessation counsellors are largely untrue; most smokers when they quit do not experience such symptoms - unless they think they will! Understanding this is the key to successful quitting.

In this ground-breaking book Dr Symonds exposes how the current approach of governments to the smoking problem is wrong-headed. It's based on the idea that the way to reduce smoking prevalence is by so-called tobacco control – strong health warnings and horrible pictures on cigarette packs, restrictions on where you're allowed to smoke, increased cigarette taxes, etc. Though this has some effect, it doesn't get to the heart of the problem. Tobacco doesn't need to be controlled; it needs to be abolished.

Stop Smoking With the Symonds Method Book

​Stop Smoking with the Symonds Method

This e-book is intended for smokers who want to quit but find it too difficult on their own, or for those who have 'tried everything' without success.

There is a reason why quitting smoking seems so hard – and it's nothing to do with lack of willpower.

The e-book is interactive and interesting to follow. Once you have worked your way through the four simple steps set out in the book you will gain something you probably did not have before: understanding.

Then quitting will be easy.

Book will be available soon on Amazon.

This is an entertaining, instructive and effective book. With a "no holds barred" approach, it exposes the failure and hypocrisy of government in colluding to the continuing manufacture and sale of cigarettes (and other tobacco products), the laughable evasion and outright deception from "Big Tobacco". It amuses with anecdotes describing the committed smoking behaviour of some celebrities.

Richard W Illingworth

Former smoker commenting on 'Stop Smoking: Real Help at Last'.