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Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others

The title is a quotation from Groucho Marx. A further examination of JTI’s of website (see yesterday’s post. reveals more weasel words. A major section is headed ‘Our principles’ and, more specifically, ‘Six core principles define JTI’s attitude to smoking’. (The word ‘core’ is redundant.) The hypocrisy from start to finish is breathtaking. The […]

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Nothing Much Changed in Thousands of Years

German industrial cigarette machine – makes 10,000 cigarettes a minute There are some individuals and organisations that have found a way to deal with awkward questions: ignore them! Recently I cast my critical eye at the website of the venerable cigarette manufacturing company, Japan Tobacco International (JTI). In their ‘About tobacco’ section we find the […]

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